Practical Grant Writing Workbook


  • The definition and types of grants
  • How to think like a funder and demystify their priorities
  • Steps in creating unique boiler plate that will serve you over and over again for every grant application
  • How to conduct research and find foundations and Government grants
  • How to develop relationships with funders
  • Developing a well-planned fundable budget
  • Tools to help with Grant writing
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Discover the Easiest and Fastest Way to Write a Professional Grant Proposal for Guaranteed Funding!

Are you struggling to secure grants for a Non-profit or Business? Perhaps you are thinking of starting a career as a grant writer. Either way, The Practical workbook is exactly the learning advantage you need.

Practical grant writing Workbook for Non-profits and entrepreneur is an essential guide and a tool that teaches comprehensive, creative, and technical writing with a focus on improving the quality of grant proposals and to attract funding.

Practical Grant writing workbook is written by a Grant champion with numerous successes in securing community grants for businesses and Non-profits.

Brian Obodeze evens out the playing fields between large Non-profits and startups with techniques, methodologies, and step-by-step guides on how to “steal” the funding you need with extremely powerful knowledge, wordplay, and due diligence that outwits competition.

And the really interesting part is… It’s easier than you ever imagined!

This eBook explains step-by-step, how to wordsmith your Grant proposal with illustrations, real-life scenarios, role-plays, templates, and assignments to ensure that you work side by side with the author from the beginning of the workbook to the end.