Is Upwork Worth It ?


  • Costly mistakes newbies make on Upwork when starting out. These mistakes are the reasons why thousands of beginner on Upwork find it difficult to get gigs.
  • How to Set up a powerful and attractive professional profile that’ll get you noticed instantly by potential clients. Profiles are your cerebral handshake and your only impression, learn how to make your profile sell your skills in a most authoritative way.
  • Step by Step setup on how experienced Experts who are new on Upwork Can Skip the entry level stages and go pro with a Specialized Profile. Many new signups are stuck on entry level because they do not know this secret.
  • How to wordsmith your cover letter in a way that gives you leverage over other freelancers, and is guaranteed to get you hired. How to tailor your cover letter to seem like the ultimate solution to your client’s needs.
  • 10 Super-effective Upwork cover letter templates that guarantees getting hired by high-paying enterprise clients. Skip the brainstorming and simply edit and use these cover letter templates to boost your chances of getting the job. These templates are the exact same ones I used to get hired by numerous high-paying clients and enterprises.
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This eBook will teach you the success strategies that a select few high-earning professionals use on Upwork

A Guide for African Freelancers

Are you having problems getting clients on Upwork? Perhaps you are looking for stable, long-term work or an upgrade to higher-paying clients rather than the atrocious $10 clients? If you are not making any money on Upwork then something just isn’t right… Is it the competition, or is it your methods?

According to statistics, Upwork has over 10,000 new signups per day— Very few people from this figure get accepted on Upwork, and even fewer earn any money at all! Is Upwork really worth the trouble? Yes, it is. You just stumbled on a smarter and reliable way to make money on Upwork.

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